What is Included in Demolition Services

What is Included in Demolition Services

When people think of demolition they often think of explosives and destruction, but the demolition process is much more intricate and complicated than just ‘blowing-up’ or ‘demolishing’ a property. Professional demolition services include a variety of individual services that include, but aren’t limited to; concrete breaking, deconstruction, permit acquisition, junk removal, site clean-up and more. If you are considering demolition services for your home or commercial property make sure you find a demolition contractor that not only obeys the local laws and regulations but also delivers a quality service with full site clean-up.

Demolition services involve the complete deconstruction of a property, from the standing structure down to the ground. Professional demolition companies use high-end heavy machinery to demolish and excavate the plot of land, leaving nearly nothing in the wake. Property deconstruction is what most people first think of when they hear ‘demolition’, property deconstruction requires an extensive process to acquire the necessary permits to ensure the safety and well-being of the property, site workers and neighbouring patrons. The permit acquisition process also coincides with the demolition planning, a demolition contractor will ensure that the electrical systems are properly disconnected, water lines and emptied and more. Remember when you are looking for demolition services to find a contractor that will assist you with the pre-deconstruction and deconstruction process to ensure everything runs smoothly.


One aspect of demolition services is asphalt and concrete breaking, these heard materials can often be difficult to break and remove from a property. Concrete breaking requires professional equipment to not only demolish the hard substance but remove it from the property. Breaking the large pieces of rock into small manageable prices allows for the future removal of the concrete and full-excavation of the property. Concrete breaking is often followed by slab-preparation, another service offered by a professional demolition contractor. Often a property in need of demolition is requiring the services due to the intent to build a new structure on the land. To build a new structure a property will often require some form of excavation and possibly slab preparation, if you are looking to build new on a plot of land consider finding a contractor that offers the necessary post-demolition services such as excavation and slab-prep to mitigate the associated construction costs.

One of the mandatory services that a demolition contractor should extend to their residential or commercial clients is full site clean-up and often disposal and junk removal. These services are often associated with the demolition process, as there is often a large volume of debris left in the wake of the property deconstruction. The debris is junk, and the junk needs to be disposed of in a clean and eco-friendly manner, ensuring the recyclable materials are recycled. When considering a demolition contractor, look at the entire scope of work of your home or construction process to see if you can utilize any or all of their additional services, to manage costs and ensure consistency with the project. There is substantially more associated with the demolition process than just the blowing up or deconstruction of the home or business, there is a sequence of events that need to transpire to effectively and appropriately demolish a structure.

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