Uncovering the Five Main Disadvantages of Clawfoot Tubs

Uncovering the Five Main Disadvantages of Clawfoot Tubs

For many years now, Clawfoot tubs have garnered massive popularity across the globe due to the functionality and unique design. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that make and sell them offline and offline. To get value for your money and the time that you spend shopping, it is recommendable to do an intensive background research. For instance, you need to know the specific disadvantages of Clawfoot tubs to know if they are ideal for your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Clawfoot tubs

Highly Susceptible to Scratches

Most of the modern Clawfoot tubs are made from acrylic material unlike in the past when most of the tubs that hit the market were made from cast iron material. The surface of this material is highly susceptible to scratches especially if you use abrasive cleaners. The scratches will in turn trap soap scum, dirt and other forms of debris thereby making the tub unhygienic.


Very Expensive

In the current wake of harsh economic environment, it is imperative to come up with ways of reducing your expenditure to meet your other obligations. The modern Clawfoot tubs are very expensive and therefore most people cannot afford to have them in their homes. In addition, there are some unscrupulous dealers who sell counterfeit tubs to unsuspecting customers. Woe unto you if you fall prey to their trap as you will lose your hard-earned money.

Large Dimensions

Unlike the drop-in tubs in the market, Clawfoot tubs have large dimensions which in some instances does not any functionality or value to it. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, you might have to break the door just to get it in. in addition, you might have to leave some “elbow room” around the entire tub’s stretch to get the best experience as you take a bath.

Not Ideal for Small Spaces

Despite the fact that most marketers state that this kind of tubs are ideal for both large and small bathrooms, research studies shows that it is not wise to install then in bathrooms that have limited space. If you do, you might have to get rid of some items from the room for it to fit in. Hence, it is imperative to consider the suitability of the tub to your bathroom to make an informed decision.

Not Ideal for all Age Groups

If all members of your family will be using the same tub, you need to reconsider your choices. This is because most of the manufacturers do not make Clawfoot tubs specifically for the young children. However, if you have a separate bathroom for them, you can order a customized Clawfoot tub, but be prepared to pay up to 30% more than the original price.

These are the main disadvantages of Clawfoot tubs that you need to know when going shopping to avoid regrets and inconveniences down the road. More importantly, use the internet to do an intensive research about this kind of tubs to know their specific characteristics. Reviews from people who have in the past purchase them can also help you make an intelligent decision.

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