Tips To Choose The Right Colours When Selecting Your Bedding

Tips To Choose The Right Colours When Selecting Your Bedding

Everyone has preferences for what colour their bedding should be. Whether you have super king bedding or smaller bedding in your home, it is important that the colour is suitable to your liking and your bedroom’s décor. There are so many factors to be considered when choosing the best colour for your bedding. This guide provides you useful tips so that you can make a selection while considering all the involved factors.

Start with Your Bedroom’s Style

It is not essential that your favourite colour for the super king bedding will also suit your bedding’s style. So you should start by considering the style of your bedding and bedroom. Once you know what style your bedroom is, you can choose the right shade within your favourite colour. In fact, your favourite colour can be used to add accents to the bedding, such as in the form of the sheets and pillow.

Solid vs. Patterned Colours

Both solid and patterned colours for super king doona covers have their own advantages.

  • Solid Colours: Bedding in solid colours looks simple yet beautiful. Solid colours can help create a relaxing environment. Use a monochromatic colour scheme on your bedding to create a relaxing bedroom space. This will involve choosing the main colour and then adding layers of darker and lighter shades.
  • Patterned Colours: You can pick up accents from your bedroom’s colours and included within the patterned coloured bedding in small amounts. For example, floral patterns having colours from the room have a more classic appeal. You can also combine patterned and solid colours. This can help maintain a fresh look for longer.

Play with Accents

You play with accents from the super doona cover sets to highlight that colour in a different shade or pattern. For example, you can have accent pillow that is separate from the bedding set. It can also be a luxurious throw. Select a colour from the bedding and use it to create a stunning effect.

Impact of Bedding Colours

The choice of the bedding colours has a significant impact on the mood or vibe it can create in your bedroom. Here are some of the commonly used bedding colours and what they signify.

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  • White Bedding: This is the colour of innocence and white super king bedding will have a stylish, fresh and classic appeal. You can create a white effect with white bedding sets and décor, and soft white wallpaper and paint, which can help boost the energy in the room. In fact, soft white colours also make it easier to fall asleep.
  • Green Bedding: Green is another colour that is recommended for bedrooms. Green is a colour associated with relaxation. Choose super doona cover sets in any shade of green and it will create a fresh bedroom space. Light green and soft pastel green bedroom décor can create a sensation of airiness, peace and lightness. As a relaxing colour, shades of green can help contribute to your emotional balance.
  • Soft Blue Bedding: Soft blue finds place in Feng Shui to be associated with enjoyable sleep. You can combine light blue super king bedding with wallpaper, paint, curtains and décor items in light shades of blue and pastel blue tones. This can help in creating positivity, comfort, peace, and pleasant feelings. It creates the appeal of a modern bedroom.
  • Sky Blue Bedding: Choosing sky blue bedding along with soft blue wallpaper or paint can also help create a pleasant and calm effect. Sky blue is recommended for bedding for those who often suffer from nightmares. The colour also has healing properties for both the body and soul.
  • Brown-Green Bedding: Brown-green super king doona covers combined with wooden furniture in different shades of brown are also known to help boost relaxation. Green bedding has been known helps you enjoy natural sleep and feel relaxed and rested when you wake up. The brown-green combination gives you a more natural setting.

Matching Bedding & Wall Colours

The colour of your super doona cover sets can have a big impact on the overall mood of your bedroom. You may pick any colour for your bedding based on what you like. If you choose a colour that matches the bedroom’s walls, it will help in create a more synchronised visual appeal. No matter how great your colour choice for the bedding is, if it doesn’t mix and match with the wall and other décor elements, it can look out of place.

  • Same Colours: Choosing same bedding and wall colour is a safe strategy. The room will get a consistent look and it can also help create an illusion of more space. At the same time, the use of same colours can also make your room seem boring, over time.
  • Same Colour-Different Shades: Using same colour in different shades for the bedding and wall can help maintain a fresh look for longer. When using this scheme, make sure to follow the light-wall-dark-bedding rule. Let the walls be in a lighter shade and the bedding in a darker shade of the same colour. This can help in setting a balance in the colour scheme.
  • Contrasting Colours: Choosing a contrasting colour for the super king doona covers compared to the wall can create a dramatic effect. Choose different colour combinations like pink bedding for blue walls to boost the visual appeal. There are some proven colour combinations that can work great magic. This includes green and red and blue and pink. You may also play with unusual colour combinations for a striking effect.

Once you have determined the best colour for your super king bedding, it will become easier to go shopping. It will take some research and some time to find out what works best for your bedroom’s décor. As already mentioned, it shouldn’t just be about your favourite colour. You should also take the other décor elements into account. Once you have determined the best colours, you can easily choose the right fabric for your bedding and whether you need something with sheen or matte finish.

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