Tips on Bringing Old Furniture Up to Date

Tips on Bringing Old Furniture Up to Date

The key to bringing old furniture up to date often involves considering the cushions, says The Foam Factory. An otherwise well-maintained sofa or chair could benefit from fresh cushions. Whether you want to update a seat for a more stylish look or for increased comfort, changing the cushioning can help you do so.

Seat cushions that look dated can be updated to more contemporary looks by using cushion covers. Slipping on a new cover can instantly refresh your old furniture and bring it into style. This solution works well when redecorating your living areas. Cushion covers can complement your newly painted, carpeted and decorated home.

If your old furniture no longer provides you with a comfortable seat, replacing cushion filling could be the answer you seek. If your chair or sofa is causing discomfort, it is time for a change. A new pad for your chair’s slipcover or refilling your sofa seat could work wonders. Whether you prefer a fluffy, soft cushion or a firm seat, you can achieve the firmness you desire for your old furniture by refreshing its filling.

Finally, if both the outsides and interiors of your cushions could use some help, total cushion replacement is an effective update. New cushions with modern looks that are filled evenly and firmly can create beautiful and comfortable seats out of your dated, worn furniture. Replace your cushions and again enjoy taking a seat.

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