The Real Estate SEO

The Real Estate SEO

For years Canadian real estate agents suffered at the hands of offshore SEO agencies who solicit them on a daily basis making promises of high rankings. During this time realtors in Canada became cautious and even adverse to the idea of working with search optimization people.

Until now.

The Real Estate SEO is an online marketing agency exclusively for realtors in Canada looking to improve their organic ranking in search and at the same time, generate volume buyer and seller leads.

SEO today is very different than in previous years and nowadays requires more patience than ever. Caution has always been recommended – especially with Google – and it is for this reason that a more sustainable and scaleable solution is necessary.

The Real Estate SEO offers to level the field and allow realtors to move their business forward and compete in one of the most competitive verticals.


Starting out in real estate can be difficult. In Canada alone 1 in 3500 people are real estate agents. With that many realtors vying for the same business, standing out is a must just to survive.

Most realtors simply rely on MLS to bring them business however this is not enough.

Realtors need to ask themselves, “what do I offer that sets me apart from the pack?”

Paying Google for PPC campaigns is one way to do it but remember that this system is an auction-based method and when there are hundreds of others bidding for the same audience…the price goes up up up. The average cost per client for realtors in Canada is approximately $1 to $2 with a cost per lead often reaching in excess of $20 or $30.

That might be tough to stomach when you’re just getting started. Not to mention unsustainable as once you stop paying you disappear from search while someone else takes your place.

While more and more realtors in Canada are beginning to understand the importance of improved online presence, the need for ethical and sustainable search optimization and lead generation has never been more obvious.

Are you a realtor in Canada OR the USA? Why not give us a call and let The Real Estate SEO start generating buyer and seller leads while improving your online search presence for the future?

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