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There is not anything pleasing than the look and scent of the candle. The candle are use to creates the beautiful decoration to your home. As well as they create an atmosphere attractive look to the positive energy.  You can choose rainbow of colors and array of scents and you will find best candles for your specific need. The candles are powerful symbol for human consciousness and plays role in different significance like religious candle.  The religious candle plays a very important role in the human life. The symbolic nature of a candle gives the significance of many religious rituals like Christians, Muslim, and Hindu etc.

For the beautiful candles and other products there are many companies and brands are available in market.  The Santeria distributors are providing large variety of products in every category and also give the online facility. They carry a large variety of colors and styles of every product. If you are making candle you may wonder what each type of candles called. The candles come in large variety of shape and size.

Some of the following points of candles are describe below:


Container candle is burn actually in container, you can pour them into an essence of container into mold.  In this the pillar candle can be use for sturdy and thick. They can be short or tall in height and some of the pillar candles are huge contains multiple wigs. These candles are usually referred to diameter and height.

Taper candles:

Tapers candle are look like long and slim and is usually standard in the base of the size they fit into standard candle holder. These taper candles are as with the same diameter and usually used in a pot and these candles are classify according to the stander size of the candles.

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