Plants Protection During Winter

Plants Protection During Winter

When the weather gets cold your potted plants need special care and maintenance schedule. There are some factors which influence the type of decisions which can be made, such as: the tenderness degree of those plants, the duration of the cold season, the temperature. The following solutions will help your plants to resist the harsh conditions during the winter so that when spring comes they are going to be all smiling at the windows and then in the garden.


The first step is to take the plants into the house when weather tends to get cold. They don’t have to stay outside and endure the low temperatures. Maybe you find them a place in a garage or in a sun room. The best way to have them arranged in the house is designing a kind of decoration with their help such as a branched support and in this way they won’t take too much space in the house. Now it’s time to choose the windows that face east and west, as these get a lot of light. Try to avoid placing the plants too close to the window, especially if it’s too cold outside.

Another step to be taken is applying some mulch in the pots, in order to act as a good moisture for the soil. It is also beneficial for the plants’ roots and for keeping the heat in the soil. If the plants’ soil is too cold, then water can’t go to the bottom effectively and then the plant will die. To be effective it is necessary to put a 2-3 inches mulch layer and these problems won’t exist anymore. This type of insulation is also good in cases of quick warming when spring comes.

In rare cases, if it’s necessary, especially when the nights are colder for a few days, you can take a blanket or a cloth and make a kind of shelter above them, taking care not to touch so much the leaves or the branches. It’s an easy way to make a simple protection to keep the cold temperatures at a distance and increase the temperature with only a few degrees. During the day, the plants need a lot of light, so this method works just for the night.

You need to water the plants even if a cold night is coming. If the soil is wet this will help attract and maintain the heat. If the soil got frozen, you shouldn’t water the plant, because its condition can get worse.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is to provide enough heat for your favourite plants and ensure a constant temperature.

One of the best preventive measures for having the most beautiful plants in your house during each season is choosing those kinds of plants that are suitable for your climate. In order to remain healthy during the cold season, they need to be highly adaptable. You may need to know that annuals are those which die each year and they must be replanted again. Perennials continue to grow from one year to the other and for these ones you need to learn the special additional required care in order to pass the winter. It would be wise to also ask for competent advice. A good idea is to have a chat with people working at a nursery who certainly have a lot of experience with potted plants in general.

The most precious piece of advice is to love them, check them often and they will certainly survive the winter to make our lives happier and our mornings more joyful in an amazing spring day.

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