Nightlock Patio for Glass and Sliding Doors

Nightlock Patio for Glass and Sliding Doors

Not only does your residence but your workplace also requires an immense level of security. Do you really think that you can leave your office unguarded with all the important documents and files which are present there? You need to take ample steps before leaving the office so that all the confidential information can never get into the hands of any person who might use it for ulterior motives.

Most of the time, we see glass sliding doors in office buildings. They are very attractive even for the residents who want to give a new feel to the house with a sliding door helping them to make their way to the patio or the backyard. But do you know that they are the favorites amongst the burglars as well because obviously, it is easy to pass through them?

For such reasons, nightlock comes with a version which is best suited for patio and sliding glass doors. The kind of security required by the sliding doors is different from the usual doors, therefore, the nightlock has come up with this instruments keeping in mind the needs of the sliding door.

Installation of the Nightlock Patio

Coming in four different colors namely rush nickel, polish brass, white, and dark bronze, the nightlock patio can actually be a very secure lock for any kind of sliding door whether in the office or at home. This one also comes with a floor bar, a handle, screws, and the anchors.

The steps which need to be followed for the installation of this one are:

  1. The floor bar needs to be installed with the help of the screws and the anchors.
  2. Place it at the point which is exactly between the two glass doors when the door is closed.
  3. Using the drill machine, you can make holes on the ground by placing the floor bar.
  4. Afterward, you can use the screws to hold the floor bar firmly into that specific position.
  5. When the door is closed, you can place the handle on the floor bar which will ensure that nobody can open it no matter how much force is applied.
  6. If one wants to open the door, all they have to do is to remove the handle.

The nightlock patio can be installed on any kind of floor including the carpet, cement, tile, and hardwood. This gives an immense relief because you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the lock with the floor of your office or house as it works absolutely fine with everything.

Glass sliding doors are ideal for the offices because they help in maintaining the desirable levels of professionalism. Using the strength of the floor, the nightlock patio is the ideal choice for you for the best possible security which will ensure that no intruder can make his way inside no matter how clever tactics he tries. Once the patio nightlock has been installed, the door cannot be accessed from any side unless the handle is removed.

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