Middle East Property

Middle East Property

Are you considering a change of scenery? Maybe you have spent your entire life in the same town, and the sight of everything has started to bore you, and now that you’ve retired you are looking to move somewhere else. Or maybe, you are seeking to go somewhere where there are some fresh challenges and opportunities to take advantage of. Whatever the reason you are looking to go to the middle east, Port Ghalib is the perfect location for you. If you’re looking to buy property in the Middle East, then Port Ghalib is one place where you might want to consider investing your money regarding real estate.

There are three areas at thePort Ghalib resort that might be of interest to you if real estate property is what you are after in the Middle East Region are Marina Residence, Tower Village,and Wadi Ghalib. These are the best choices to invest in Middle East property that is located at Port Ghalib as it has its particular selling points that make it a widely held choice among the potential buyers.


Marina Residence:

The Marina Residences are built to give potential owners a feeling of what living near or around the Marina is all about with spacious apartments, and balconies that overlook the Marina directly. The houses are also heavily influenced by an Arabian theme in the interior design, especially the furniture and the archers on the walls. Another selling point of the living spaces would be handcrafted wood and top-notch finishing which work together to develop a harmonious balance that gives you a direct representation of Port Ghalib’s responsibility to beauty preservation through artwork. The housing units available are fully furnished, and the occupants get to select from a few view options depending on their preferences. Available amenities on and near the property include eateries, boutiques, spas, gardens, pools and of course, shopping plazas and make the Marina Residence a highly desired destination and potential investment for luxury enthusiasts.

Tower Village:

The Arabian Desert themed Tower Village has all kinds of apartment options from studio apartments, one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments and three bedroom apartments. There’s a bit of Arabian cultural influence infused into the interior design of the rooms, and this gives Port Ghalib, in general, a whole new cultural perspective. It is perfect for those looking to find a place with high standards of comfort ona limited budget.

Wadi Ghalib:

Wadi Ghalib is the other potential housing property available in Port Ghalib, which is up and coming but still shows great promise. There are housing units tailored to suit everyone’s needs regarding size and budget and range from large villas, townhouses, and apartments. There are several amenities and services on the compound such as a clubhouse and an assortment of restaurants that will make living in Wadi Ghalib convenient. The surrounding scenery makes one feel as if they are in touch with nature on account of the natural water features and the lush greenery. The architecture design of the property has been done by some renowned architects not to mention the buildings are also conceived in a Nubian style giving the property a blend between nature and the housing units themselves.

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