Know about various types of boilers: A short guide on types

Know about various types of boilers: A short guide on types

You may have been thinking to install boiler in your home but you might get confused when it comes to the various types of boilers. Finding a boiler repair Sheffield or Boiler services in Sheffield won’t be difficult but choosing the correct type of boiler to fit in with your lifestyle and home is can be little jumbling. It can be easy though, if you came across the type of boilers which make your mind clear which will be perfect for you.


Types of boiler

  1. Combi boilers: The combination boilers which are popular known as Combi boilers is , a single compact unit or system carrying the combination of both high efficiency water heater and the boiler performs central heating is called combo boilers. There is no need of water tanks and cylinder with it. You will be getting two options to choose either for gas Combi boiler or electric Combi boiler. If you are looking for Combi boiler installation Sheffield, it will be better to check whether their services are satisfying or not.
  2. System Boilers: They are different from Combi boilers as require a cylinder to have storage of hot water. It is suitable for any kind of house with any structure and it is also known as sealed system. That hot water storage however, will be not for major heating as it is done in system components are built inside the boiler itself. This makes it very easy to install and also quick to use and thus, most fitted boiler for any house.
  3. Regular Boilers: Regular boilers are also termed as conventional boilers, traditional boiler and also the heat only boilers in general. If you have a conventional heating and hot water system at your home already, these regular boilers will be ideal to match your needs. There is also a need of cold water tank along with hot water to maintain the central heating level in house.
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