How to save your beautiful lawn from your dog: tips

How to save your beautiful lawn from your dog: tips

You spend lots of money on converting your lawn into a beautiful place where you can enjoy the greenery and nature’s beauty. You get the plants, beautiful flowers and grass that makes your lawn amazing but then suddenly your dog does his “business” and your whole planning is whoosh in the air.  As you know, dogs are not really a big fan of clean places but they like soft grass so they can run, play and roll on it. So, what you will do in such situation? If you are thinking that you are the only one who is facing such things then don’t worry there are thousands of people who are also in same situation and they all need a solution for  saving their beautiful lawn from their pets. If you are looking for a solution then here are some points that can help you.

Make a pee area in your lawn

If you don’t want to lose your lawn then you have to do some work. Make fix dog spots in your lawn and train your dog so that he can know about that place. Instead of yelling and cursing, you need to calm yourself and make sure that your dog is following your instruction.

Use fertilizers or home remedy

If you are too lazy for making a pee area, then you can spread some fertilizers that can save your lawn’s grass from your dog’s urine. The pH level of dogs urine is high and you can reduce it by feeding tomatoes to your dog. Make sure that you consult your vet before doing so and in order to know the amount of tomatoes that you can feed daily.

There are several other methods that you can follow to maintain the beauty of your garden even with having fun with your pets.

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