How to Avoid Tree Arborists Scams

How to Avoid Tree Arborists Scams

You may find yourself wanting to hire any tree company that comes your way first. To keep away from scams, get quality work, cut costs and to have secure work, you need to do your research well.

An Arborist

The qualifications of an individual referring to themselves as an arborist vary a lot, so you should have that in mind before embarking on your hunt. An Arborist is an expert who takes care of trees and other plants by fertilizing, inspecting diseases and insects, pruning, consulting on issues connected to trees and sometimes transplanting, getting rid of trees and also planting. Be on the lookout for an tree arborist cons and avoid hiring anyone who just shows up on your door claiming to be one. Legitimate local atlanta tree crew services are available if you do your research. The home is the biggest asset to the majority of individuals so cons target these contracting services. When the rates of contractors go up due to economic changes, the con artists weaken the legal workers and convince homeowners that their deals are the best when in fact they are scamming them. These scams do not pay the fees that are needed to operate legal businesses like licenses, insurance and certified documentation.


We will discuss certain schemes that will help you keep off arborist’s scams.

Commonly Known Scams

Con men

These individuals persuade homeowners that their trees are in need of trimming. They demand half payments before starting the job. Once they finish the first, these conmen disappear with the remaining money. They sometimes hire experienced workers to win trust from other homeowners.

Amateur Hour

These individuals come to you for pruning jobs although they are not skilled. They will ask you to pay them half what legitimate companies would ask although their work will be very substandard. This can lead to damage of trees. Anyone offering to work for you cheaply and fast is probably a scam.

Lack of insurance

Arborists and contractors of landscapes are supposed to carry with them liability insurance. It is against the law to work without liability insurance and you are at risk if you hire someone without it. You can avoid arborist scam services by having knowledge and interrogating them properly.

How to keep off these scams

Avoid paying a deposit. Pay after the work has been completed unless the work is huge or needs special equipment.
Use your credit card to make payments
Demand for an insurance certificate that is current and has your name since this will ensure you will not be responsible in case something wrong happens. The majority of companies will deliver this certificate in 2 days.

Confirm ISA Arborist Certification by knowing the name of the worker and looking for their qualifications at the ISA site. There are reputable services that provide professional tree services such as las vegas tree crew Do not allow yourself to succumb to the above discussed arborist scams. To be on the safe side, take your time to investigate and verify the tree care companies before you sign them up to come and work on your home.

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