Furniture Making and Refinishing Tips: Modernizing

Furniture Making and Refinishing Tips: Modernizing

The first step to furniture making is furniture refinishing, which is much easier than you might think at first glance. Furniture refinishing requires patience above all else, and these tips from The Foam Factory will help anyone start their first project with confidence.

Replace the Cushioning Foam That Is On Old Furniture

When you have old-fashioned furniture, it is possible to modernize it easily to make it more attractive. If you find an old sofa at a garage sale, then it may have a good base, but if the seat cushions are flattened and lumpy, then it requires some updating. Replacement cushions can help to make an old love seat look brand-new. The cushioning foam that is inside a chair’s seat cushion is easy to remove before inserting a new piece that provides more support.

Refinishing Wooden Armrests

If you have an old chair that has wooden armrests, then the finish may look worn and unsightly. Anyone who sits on a chair tends to touch the armrests, rubbing away the stain, but you can use sandpaper and chemicals to remove the rest of the stain before applying a different color. After making a chair’s armrests look better, it is a good idea to add new cushions to the seat. You can find chair cushions at specialty online stores.

Order Colorful New Slipcovers

An old couch can have ripped and frayed upholstery fabric, but there are ways to recover this piece of furniture with a slipcover. There are ready-made slipcovers available in an assortment of colors or styles, but when you have a couch with unusual measurements, you can have slipcovers customized. While ordering new slipcovers for an old couch, make sure to request custom foam cushions that fit the seats correctly.


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