Christmas Decorations With This PVC Pipe

Christmas Decorations With This PVC Pipe

GET CREATIVE THIS CHRISTMAS It’s time to upgrade your Christmas decorations with this PVC pipe Christmas tree from` Adelaide based Service Today Plumbing! This inexpensive, easy-to-make and environmentally friendly holiday wall will easily become the centre of attention in your living room during this Christmas. It’s sure to impress even Santa himself!

DIY PVC Christmas Tree Materials

  • Large rectangular plywood • Large, small, medium PVC pipes cut to 5-7 cm long. Literally whatever you have in your shed. • Sanding paper • Green, red, gold spray paint, or choose the Christmas colours you like • Graphite pencil • Paint mixing stick • Epoxy • Picture hanging hardware • Christmas ornaments



  1. Prepare your PVC pipes for spray painting, sand entire surface and inside with your sanding paper
  2. Shake your spray paint and hold it around 20 cm away from the pipe. Spray it in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. 2-3 coats should be enough and then leave the pipes to dry for at least 24 hours.
  3. Draw a triangle shape with a pencil on your board to determine your spacing when you arrange the PVC pipes.
  4. Once your pipes are ready, use your paint mixing stick to apply a moderate amount of the epoxy to the flat rim of the pipe.
  5. Place the PVC pipe back onto the board in its designed spot.
  6. Set the board aside for 24 hours for the epoxy to dry.
  7. Attach your picture hanging hardware according to the instructions on it’s packaging.
  8. Hang your PVC Christmas tree on the wall. Fill the pipes with Christmas ornaments, pine cones or other small decorations of your choice.
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