Choosing the right bedside tables

Choosing the right bedside tables

The perfect bedside tables for your bedroom may set aside some opportunity to pick. These are vital room furniture decisions as they outwardly adjust the stylistic theme style and give easy-to-reach storage space. Here are some things to consider when making your choice.


1. Visual Geometry

The largest piece of bedroom furniture is usually the bed, a monolithic block of material and fabric that is the focal point of a room. When the bed is flanked by low cabinets or tables, the geometry changes, the trio forms a triangular shape, a trapezoid, which is visually very pleasing. There is a similar optical switch when you place a single bedside table to a bed, a wedge shape is created.

There are lots of bedside tables to choose from in many different shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular are probably the most common but even here you will need to choose between the solid shape of a table that sits flush to the floor or the lighter look of a table raised on legs. French Provincial-style gives you more decorative details like cabriole legs, barrel-chested front or ornate handles and latches. Art Decor-inspired tables too will have some innately interesting geometry and finishes.

Cantilevered shelves are a nice option if you want a spare Spartan look and there is always the semi-circular table too that can work very well. There is also the bed unit that integrates bedside tables into its bed board, a favorite hotel option but one that can be very suitable too for a streamlined home decor.

2. Pure Function

A bedside table is not just a miniature chest of drawers. It is a convenient place to put a small lamp, an alarm clock, your glasses and other personal items. Consider what functions you need your bedside tables to perform and then choose their design elements accordingly.

Do you need a safe place to put your reading glasses, pills or jewelry? If so, you would be well advised to find a bedside table that has at least one drawer in it.

Those who are accustomed to drinking coffee or water in bed will need a waterproof surface to sit their cups and glasses on. Marble, glass and plastic make excellent table top materials and in turn can dictate their own design features.

If you rely on a lot of electronic devices such as a radio, iPod dock, et cetera, a cupboard can hide a multiple of cluttered sins. Some units already come with built-in multimedia, alarm clocks and lighting and there are many choices for a table that combines shelves, drawers and cupboard space.

3. Grain and Stain

There is a huge range of materials like recycled timber, plastics, glass, mirror, metals and other man-made products to choose from in the composition of your table. Wood is the main construction material used for most bedside tables because it has a warm look and feel, it is easy to look after and it conforms well to carved design details and features. Each timber has a different grain and stains create a variety of finishes from very dark to light brown and reds. Woods like pine can be sanded back and re-stained to look like new or transformed by a wash of color.

If you take the time to consider the requirements of your bedside table, you will make an educated and happy choice.

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