Brilliant Bathrooms: Design Options to Make the Room Stand Out

Brilliant Bathrooms: Design Options to Make the Room Stand Out

Bathrooms should look brilliant, not boring, and there is a huge amount of choice for achieving this goal, whether it’s wall-to-wall marble or something more affordable with porcelain wall tile.

Homeowners need to devote extra attention to designing the busiest rooms in the house, because they need to find the right balance between a practical appearance and something that is going to be a joy to look at every day, morning and night. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms throughout the day, and a great design can also boost a home’s resale value.

Wall tile can be a designer’s best friend for bathroom projects, because it’s available in several types of material and an even wider range of shapes, styles, colors and shades.

That means tile is ideal for any size project, including just parts of the bathroom such as nooks or recessed walls. For these spaces, consider using tiles that will really pop out visually. A good choice here is using same-sized hexagon glass stone tiles in variations of gray and white. This contrasts well with white quartz countertops and similar-shaded porcelain tile crafted to look like hardwood flooring, as the varying colors of the hexagon tiles stand out against the white.

For more extensive projects, tile also works. Consider a stylish approach that uses crystallized glass to cover entire walls for a transparent, light, welcoming look. This design matches with square white porcelain slabs designed to look like wood that can be used to cover the entire bathroom floor.

On the subject of wood flooring, it’s sometimes an option homeowners consider but it’s one that comes with several drawbacks — the cost of installing a real wood bathroom floor can be high, and maintenance can be a lot as wood is prone to staining and scratching. Here’s where pale-shaded porcelain tiles can be a cheaper, much lower-maintenance alternative. The tiles are produced to resemble the authentic streaks and knots of wood, but without any of the headaches.

More dramatic options are available for bathroom designs, including using black marble with a grooved texture for a backsplash or even for the interior of the shower. This unusual yet beautiful way to tile a wall can be enhanced with the use of black slate floor tiles. Don’t be concerned about the room appearing too dark, as this combination is mature yet still inviting to the eye.

Perhaps the homeowner wants a lighter shade of marble, and this approach is also a great option. Use traditional white marble with its distinctive streaks of grays and browns to cover entire walls and even the floor. It creates a timeless, elegant appearance, combining suitably with quartz white counter tops for a naturally bright room that will be welcoming to anyone using it.

Because bathrooms are such heavily used areas, the design that homeowners choose needs to be long-lasting not only physically but also visually. The above styles are just some of the suggestions for how to approach the layout for a bathroom that will satisfy a wide range of tastes.

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