Best Desk Lamp for your Eyes

Best Desk Lamp for your Eyes

Recently, a new desk lamp called LimiLamp has come to market. One of the top aspects that it addresses is eye health and how vital it is to have the proper task lighting in any room or work environment. Unfortunately, proper task lighting is often overlooked. Task Lighting is actually projecting the light where it’s most needed or required. For example, you’re working on a table and want a beam of light directed on the table except for lighting the whole room. It’s possible through task lighting. Other examples are reading, craftwork, cooking, writing, using a computer, putting a makeup, etc.

Task light is an application than a fixture and it shouldn’t be confused. There are different fixtures that provide task lighting including vanity lighting, downlights, pendants and much more. Though, these fixtures aren’t designed specifically to provide task lighting.

On the other hand, the best desk lamps for eyes and task lights are designed specifically to provide task lighting. Normally, task lights and lamps are portable-fixtures like under-cabinet lights, etc. Other types of task lights include desk lamps, table lamps, wall-mounted reading lights, swing arm desk lamps, book lights and even overhead spots.

Using thesame amount of light across a work environment and a room isn’t effective and efficient, and that’s where the need of task lights kick-in. The best desk lamps for eyes are needed in modern work environment specifically when you’re reading an important typewritten page or working on a project.

Thoughless light is needed to work on a computer in front of a monitor, so there is overhead lighting that can be reduced at a level of your comfort. It also gives you full control to direct light exactly where you need it the most.

Factors to consider when choosing the best desk lamp for eyes

You can choose the best desk lamp in different style and finishes as it’s your personal preference. However, you must choose a desk lamp that goes along with the décor of your space. For example, for a modern décor, you must choose a desk lamp that has a modern structure and shape. Also, you must consider the finishes of your other fixtures in the work environment or a room and purchase the best desk lamp for eyes according that matches it. It will give a perfect look.

Moreover, you must choose a LED desk lights that provide you with the most controlled beam and can possibly direct lights to a more focused area. A 30-degree beam spread is what you must purchase for a controlled light as it will only highlight a surface you wish without sending any stray light to affect any other activity in a work environment or a room.

The best desk lamp for eyes are made with the 24/7 LED technology and shouldn’t be confused with a halogen lamp or incandescent lamp. Though its manufacturing will be expensive but using it will be a lot cheaper than any other lamp.

What should be the size of thebest desk lamp for eyes?

The size of your work desk is going to decide what size of desk lamp you should use. For example, if you have a large desk, the desk lamp must be bigger. For a small desk like a computer desk, you must consider a desk lamp that only directs light to your working area. When considering size, lamps mounted on a wall or clamped to the wall will be the best desk lamp for eyes.

How much light you need to consider your age

It’s a fact that old people need more light to focus on a specific task. A person over 50 years of age will need twice the amount of light as a teenager would need. Moreover, eyes of old people are more sensitive to glare so it becomes more important to choose the best desk lamp for eyes that gives the best projection.

 All the major desk lamp manufacturers design the lamps that are best suited for all age groups. Light controlling lamps work best in this situation. You must know that increased glare can cause eye strain and headaches. So, it’s important to get proper task lighting.

Which one is better? LED Lamps or Halogen Lamps?

When it comes to a comparison between LED lamps and Halogen lamps, LED lamps have more variety in color temperature and CRI. Also, the LED lamps emit 5 times less heat as compared to Halogen Lamps. Have you ever touched a Halogen lamp when it’s turned on for some time? It will be hot and you can’t hold it for more than a couple seconds.

Moreover, the LED lamps consume 5 times less energy as compared to Halogen Lamps. So, you will be saving a lot on energy bills.

In the modern times, sleek and uniquely designed LED lamps are the best desk lamps for eyes. Because LED’s are diodes that can befit into any sleek design that will give a modern look. On the other hand, Halogen bulbs are bigger in size run very hot in no time. So, they are befitted into bigger fixtures (old designs).

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